I have two jobs; I work in a café and in a retail store.

I started working at that particular store a week ago, but I had worked for that retail chain before. I know how it works, where things should go, what the procedures are for mostly everything. The manager hired me back because I know these things and, also, because I DO THEM. A clear tendency in that company is to work as little as possible. Why put the shoe box back where you got it when you can just toss it wherever there’s space, right?

Basically, the store’s a mess. Me being a perfectionist and a tidiness freak explains why I had left this job. It’s all coming back to me now. I simply loooooose my mind seeing how people can come to work and give their minimum, it just blows me away. Ok, rant over.

So the other day, I was in the shoe section of the store stuffing boots with silk paper to make them stay up. A customer comes to me and asks me the price of a pair of boots. I look under it to discover there are no price tag under that one. So I laugh a little, exasperated, because I know it’s not the only one.

I felt so ridiculous standing there laughing and not being able to give her a quick, useful answer. What a professional young woman, she must have thought!

Making a shoe tag takes approximatively one minute. Doing them all would take maybe an hour. Making it a step and a habit to create a tag when we receive a new style of shoes would be the logic thing to do and would take no time at all. But we don’t do logic here. Sorry control freak, maybe working here is not for you.

Well, maybe that’s a good thing.

I should totally not give them my energy, my time, my patience. But I need money to live and I don’t want to waste time looking for another job I don’t care about when this one is right there, given to me. My spare time is for this blog, so I’ll stick with it a little while longer. BUT! What I can do is: NOT BUYING THERE. And that’s what we CAN ALL DO.

As customers we should pay attention to the overall level of happiness in the store. We should notice the sighings and the foot dragging and the eye rolling. A lot can be said about a company from the employees’ attitude, the customer service, the cleanliness of the store, the tidiness of the sections, etc. Paying attention to these things and being critical about it would make us more demanding and, therefore, make it harder for companies to do well while being sloppy.

This store I work at does so well. It has boutiques everywhere in the world, makes billions every year, hires singers and supermodels for their visual campaigns AND employs more than 10 000 people.

I firmly believe that when a company focuses more on employee management and human resources and less on customer service, the results are better.

Why would a happy employee be rude or scream at a customer? Why would someone who cares about the company ignore a customer or not give a damn about them?

It’s just common sense.

Every time I witness bad customer service, I think uh-oh! This employee does NOT want to be here. They’re in for the money and that means that the company “gives zero ducks” about them. And BOOM! I’m not a happy customer. I’m not getting a good vibe from the place and probably will never come back again.

Let’s stop encouraging unprofessional managerial behavior and bad working conditions by choosing to buy where the employees look happy :)

I pass the mic to you now! What do you think of this way of doing things? Does it make sense? Do you personally buy somewhere where the workers don’t look happy? Leave a comment below!

I get it by the way, sometimes it’s simply the place where you like the clothes or the burgers or the coffee best. I’m not even saying to cut the company out of your life entirely. If it’s a chain, it might be that some of the stores run better than others. Simply start noticing if you feel good encouraging this particular store or not :)

With love and merriness!