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How to Succeed? Don't Care About What They Think

There's something interesting about a CEO visiting one of his or her stores. People get nervous for real. My boss wants everything to be perfect (but it never is) and puts on her high heels when she gets a text that he's coming. It's almost barbaric. I've been watching The Handmaid's Tale and...


​You Wanna Be a Good Manager? Don’t Do This

I work in a really weird café. It’s two managers, a cook and me. It’s a chain, but I won’t name it. We serve coffee and sandwiches, pretty much. In my life, I’ve never seen such bad customer service. From the managers, on top of it all. But the people who work in the offices above us keep on...


How to Deal With Rude Colleagues

Being a stock associate in a retail store has its upsides. You’re mostly hanging out in the back-store, listening to your own music, away from the demanding customers. You usually work on week days, because that’s when shipments come in. You get in the know faster, because you hear a bunch of...


The One Thing We Can Do As Customers to Improve Work Conditions in Retail

I have two jobs; I work in a café and in a retail store. I started working at that particular store a week ago, but I had worked for that retail chain before. I know how it works, where things should go, what the procedures are for mostly everything. The manager hired me back because I know...


The #1 Rule For Successful Management

Good management doesn’t have to take long. It’s fairly simple if the managers don’t want to control everything and if they give their people the benefit of the doubt. In other words, trust can really lead a company to sky high levels. Trust is the #1 rule for good employee management. It can be...