There's something interesting about a CEO visiting one of his or her stores. People get nervous for real. My boss wants everything to be perfect (but it never is) and puts on her high heels when she gets a text that he's coming.

It's almost barbaric.

I've been watching The Handmaid's Tale and I feel like making a link here.

He's just a person. And as creepy as the Waterfords are, I can't seem to be able to even imagine someone who wouldn't understand why a woman won't wear high heels. Even as unsociable as he is, I'm sure he can get that.

But maybe that's not the point.

Maybe, by putting on her high heels, she just wants to follow the rules, the old rules from when she started in the company, which is fine.

But I've seen her stress out a lot about being left out of a meeting with her bosses or feeling like her promised promotion had been forgotten. It made me realize something.

We should all stop this "putting people on pedestal" thing.

It's hard of course, we all do it. We think they have power over our lives, that they decide whether or not we'll get what we want.

I mean it happens to me too. Whenever I interviewed for a job I really wanted or even when I wish more people would wanna talk to me at a party...

The best relationships you'll ever have with your bosses are the ones where you don't consider them your boss anymore. No high heels bullshit, no pads, no stressful walk-throughs. Just authenticity, laughs and candies.

So what do you do next time someone intimidates you?

Remember that they're as vulnerable, sometimes pathetic and human as you are. That they're as happy as you are surrounded with friends and beer. Smile at them, say hi energetically and mean it when you say "how are you?".

And, of course, don't give a damn about what they think.

They're just people. And you're awesome.

No matter what they say, no matter what decision they take, YOU have ALL the power over your life.

You have the power to let them be and to be okay with how they are.

You have the power to react in the best way possible to anything that comes your way.

You have the power to remember the small things, like the rain on your skin, a really funny thing your nephew said or that time when a squirrel was hanging out on the seat of a bike.

Remember them when it gets a little hard and you're golden.

Feeling left out or inadequate is unnecessary because someone loves you. Somewhere out there, someone gets you. And that's all you need to know.

There is ALWAYS someone.

With love and merriness!